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UV Coating Defects, Cracking
Many coated products are subjected to mechanical forces either to make a product, as in forming bottle caps or metal siding, or in use, as when a piece of gravel strikes the surface of a car with sufficient force to deform the steel substrate. Here is a technical article by Mustafa Kapadia of Colors, UV & speciality inks division. Read the pdf file.
Reflection on Glass Decoration Printing by Dr. Guy Massé, Encres DUBUIT
Recently Encres DUBUIT has introduced a new ultraviolet (UV) screen printing inks. The brand new UV solution, UVIGLASS series, has been developed to offer new options for printing on glass and ceramics. Encres DUBUIT's R&D Manager, Dr. Guy Massé (who is Doctorate of Organic Chemistry and UV coatings specialist, working in the UV inks formulation for 18 years), touches upon the entire gamut of glass decoration printing.
How the latest generation of UV-curable screen inks can help?
"If developing a sustainable graphics-printing process is a goal for your business, consider how the latest generation of UV-curable screen inks can help”? -- Laura Maybaum, who holds a Master's degree from Bowling Green State University , and then point-of-purchase market segment manager for Nazdar was quoted of saying few years ago in an interview published by ST Publications. His views may still relevant.
Soya Inks, Is it a choice against VOCs?
Printing with inks formulated with soybean oils as replacement for petroleum based oils is one of a number of approaches aimed at reducing the environmental impact of printed products. This objective can be accomplished by reducing air pollutant emissions (volatile organic compounds - VOC), using raw materials based on renewable resources, minimizing the impact of the entire life cycle of ink from the production of raw materials through the disposal or recycling of finished printed product.
I know this is a big issue for most of screen printers, not only in India but also all over the world", says Mr Michel Caza, the veteran, international expert in screen printing and past president FESPA. Read more, add colour to your business.
The print buyers, now want to speak and work with only ONE person! Who, what, why, how... read on a piece from Michel Caza, past president FESPA.