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Sense the "SENSATIONS"!

FESPA brings manual on special effects thru screen printing

Sensations, an exciting new book which has been designed to showcase some of the arresting, inspirational and frankly amazing effects screenprinting can deliver. The book features 33 special effect inks, which are applied to a collection of high quality designs to produce simply sensational results. The inks used range from luminous totactile, glittery to reflective as well as from heat sensitive to fragrant. Sensations was first launched at FESPA 2007, 5th June, Berlin.

FESPA 'Sensations' book has been produced by European screen printers. This has produced a comprehensive printing work with exciting, inspiring and breathtaking screen printing effects.

FESPA believes that the future of screen printing lies in its unique ability to radically enhance design with the clever application of special effect ink. Printers who provide marketing solutions for their customers will undoubtedly be the ones who will continue to succeed in the future. Special effect printing is a great way to excite customers, as it creates results that no other printing process can match. The range and variety of effects is extensive and it provides the marketer, print buyer and designer with a number of exciting possibilities they may never have thought were viable. In today’s highly competitive business environment, every brand is looking for that extra something, which really differentiates them from their rivals, i.e. a special effect! If you add to this the fact that out-of-home marketing is increasing its share of the “marketing pie”, Sensations will undoubtedly provoke a significant response from a market hungry for new ideas and innovative solutions.

FESPA CEO, Nigel Steffens elaborates: “The Sensations book is designed to inspire, excite and enthuse printers and print buyers as well as fuelling the imagination of creative agencies. The awareness of the power of special effect screenprinting is not high amongst most marketers, so FESPA decided that it ought to do something about it. The inks deployed range from luminescent to tactile, from glitter to mirror. The impact they can add to designs is breathtaking and the feedback we have had so far, even before production of the book has commenced, has been staggering. We have already had an order for 60 books from one creative agency who heard about the planned publication – and that’s before they’ve even seen a copy! This book will undoubtedly start to increase the demand for special effect screenprinting, as people rediscover the impact that a truly original design can provoke.”

The FESPA Sensations book is the ultimate weapon in any printer’s, print buyer’s or designer’s armoury. Screen effects can enhance any marketing campaign and may give it that extra “X-Factor” that provides you, your client and their product with a vital competitive advantage. Your customers probably will not be entirely familiar with the effects screenprinting can deliver.

The Sensations text is in English, French, German and Spanish and its ring binder format permits the addition of a fifth language. Screen printing competes with many other media and technologies for its share of company marketing budgets. 'Sensations' reminds people of what is so special about screen printing the possibility of bringing a print to life through the use of special effects that no other printing process is able to offer. Screen printing creates prints which can be seen, felt and smelt. So educate, enthuse and inspire! The results will be worthwhile!

In the words of Michel Caza:

“One of the most interesting niche in the graphic and textile screen printing fields is the printing of «special effects»!: our customers want something «!different!» from their competitors and are prepared to pay a fair price for that… Those effects are also, in textile printing, a precious tool for the textile screen printer. The same customer that discuss each cent of a price for a simple high gloss spot varnish will accept a much higher price if we bring him a very special enhancement of his image. I saw screen printing companies around the world that make their happiness and sometimes fortune in this specialty!: in Polen, in Bulgaria, in France,in Japan, in China and here in India….
That is why FESPA in a huge effort for improving an idea born a few years ago in the German Association had been creating one of the «!sensations!» of the FESPA 2007 in Berlin through this beautiful and useful portfolio named … «SENSATIONS»!

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