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Sprayway makes headway in Indian market
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 Bangalore based Sprayway India, an Indian arm of US based Sprayway Inc has recently introduced a new product for screen printing industry – a Water Based Screen Opener. A detailed write up on this product has been posted under ‘Product News’ section of this portal.
For more than 50 years Sprayway has been providing industry with the highest quality aerosol products available. The company’s products are manufactured in the US, meeting all rigid quality control standards. The company claims that every ingredient used in Sprayway products is accepted by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
According to the company, Sprayway does not use any ingredients banned in the United States in any of its products and their products meet VOC regulations and they release NO CFCs. According to the company, all its products are manufactured using Sprayway's proprietary formulations.
“All raw materials used in the chemical formulations of Sprayway's products have passed multiple quality control tests prior to use in the manufacturing of these products. Their line of aerosol formulas has been solving common problems for decades”, says a company official.
“Our team emphasis on continuous improvement along with our cutting-edge technology ensures that our customers will receive the most consistent high quality product and packaging available. Our expertise with aerosol products is indicative of our total commitment to this convenient, ready-to-use package”, says Mr. Vasant Bhat, Sprayway India’s Country Manager in an exclusive online interview with editor.
Excerpt from the interview:
Among your range of products for screen printing industry, what are the most sought products?:: The most sought after product in the industry at present is our Adhesives for Pallets, Solvent based Screen Openers, and Silicone Sprays.
And, how is the response to your products from screen printers in India?:: The response to our product is good enough and we are able to cater only the export oriented units here in India, having the automatic kind of machines (MMR/MHM/TASS etc). We have been trying to penetrate the market through different sources like exhibitions, advertisements and personal approaches.
How do you operate in India?:: We have a direct strength of 10 executives and indirect strength of more than 20 executives. We have an all India dealers network in most of major cities having the garment trade. However, we do not have any manufacturing facility here in India.
So, are you looking for more dealership?:: Yes. We are also seeking dealership in unrepresented areas.
Why did Sprayway Inc decide to set up its base in India?:: Sprayway India set up its own base in Bangalore in 2005. In fact, we started making our presence felt in India since 2002. To begin with we had 3 dealers who were importing the products from our Singapore office and distributing in the Indian market. However, they were just concentrating only in the sewing segment and no other sector was explored by them.
Secondly, there was lot of pricing issues and also the customers were not getting service properly. Hence, we had to start our operation as we found that there was lot of potential in the market and there were lot of printers looking for a quality product with reasonable rates.
How was the response at the beginning, and now for your products?:: When we started our own operation here, we focused on the same market initially - the sewing trade and later ventured into the printing market as well. On entering the printing market, the response was fair enough as people did not know about such kind of a product.
I feel that educating the customers is very important. Most of the customers do not know about the use of such products or not aware of the new products arrived in the market. They should also be updated about quality parameter with certification, which are useful for the environment, personal health etc. On our part, we educate the customers about our products and we are building up our customers’ base here in India.
Which is the main product sold in India?:: The main product sold in India is Spot Lifter for removing oil stains from the garments in the sewing industry and in the printing industry it is the 84 Super Flash Pallet Adhesive.
Do you have any spurious product problem?:: No, presently for the printing industry, we have not come across any such issues as we are in regular touch with the industry either personally or through our dealer network.
Unfortunately, we found people still sticking to the old methods in various operations of screen printing which consumes time, and it does not give the high quality besides rejections. By using the new products, printers can save time which is very precious. They can also deliver quality products to their customers and reduce their expenses (that means adding little more to their profit).
When was the spray culture started in Indian screen printing industry?: As per our knowledge, in India it picked up during 2007-08 after we launched our products at the FESPA’07 exhibition in New Delhi.
So, when and how did you come in contact with FESPA?: Through our Singapore office, we came in contact with FESPA when it had its 1st exhibition in India. As FESPA is an organization mainly into the printing trade and is known worldwide conducting seminars, exhibitions, we took part in their expo by showcasing our products.
But, when and how did you come in contact with SPAI?:: During the above FESPA exhibition, we also came in contact with SPAI and being an Indian organization with lot of commitment to the industry, we also wanted to get associated with them.
In your opinion, what is the usefulness of an association like FESPA and/or SPAI?:: Though these associations, we get to know more and more people in the industry; we also get to know about new products, new innovations, new requirements of customers, new ventures, updates.
Finally, SPAI just started, a news cum B2B portal. In your opinion, what is the relevance and benefit of such a dynamic portal?
This kind of news portal in the present generation and time is good for our knowledge. I shall recommend this kind of portal to everyone to go through and get updated with latest developments.
What are your future plans?:: We plan to launch products for the graphic arts industry shortly.