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Allied Sales Corp stimulates Sensation among 11 printers in Mumbai
Category - Product News(Screen)

 Mr. Rajeev Gokhale, owner of Mumbai based Allied Sales Corporation and a member of Screen Printers’ Association of India (SPAI), has stimulated a sensation in the printing industry by inspiring 11 reputed printers to buy Sensation book from SPAI, a special effects compilation created by FESPA.
Recently, he sold 11 Sensation books (ex stock SPAI) to his top notch screen printer-customers in and around Mumbai. “Although they were doing some of the special effects earlier, the Sensation guide was too handy and innovative piece of creativity. Except the bread-jam effect, rest of the applications as illustrated in the Sensation book has been practically tried by my customers,” says Mr. Gokhale.
The Sensation is a compilation of 23 special effect UV inks which may be used for high quality designs in many different ways. This has produced a comprehensive printing work with exciting, inspiring and breathtaking screen printing effects. The inks used range from luminous to tactile, glittery to reflective as well as from heat sensitive to fragrant.
Mr. Gokhale emphasized that it is the duty of suppliers to inform screen printers about the arrival of new products such UV special inks and innovative book like Sensation so that they can start doing creative and value addition jobs to please the print buyers.
This means an opportunity for suppliers to supply more new products such as UV special effect inks at a time when suppliers are finding it hard to push UV inks and printers are facing cut throat competition in the market where only the innovation survives.
Allied Sales Corp is located just opposite the Dadar Railway station (West) in Mumbai, (to be precisely, on the first floor of the Gananath building). The firm has hundreds of customers spread all over India especially in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Daman. Their well coordinated network through district head quarters makes the ‘customer service’ an enviable task.
“We have everything under one umbrella”, says Mr. Gokhale. They have their own godown. The firm supplies inks, substrates, fabrics among many other things. They also have their own pre press workshop to cater to the needs of small screen printers who can’t afford to have their own set up.
“Now the time has also changed for the good with screen printing having a greater and different role to play in the printing industry. Many advanced machines are available in the market. These are being used for printing credit/smart cards, speciality label printing, special effects, thus changing the image of the screen printing process,” says Mr. Gokhale.
So, by selling 11 SENSATION books to his leading customers, Mr. Gokhale has set an example how suppliers can derive benefit from such self motivated service to printers as they always look for such innovative products.