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Get stainless steel effect on membrane keyboards, keypads & fascia panel
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 An innovative new hard coated polyester film for producing stainless steel effects for membrane keyboards, keypads and fascia panels has been introduced by MacDermid Autotype, a manufacturer of specialized films and chemicals for screen print and industrial graphics.
What are the fundamentals of this film? As claimed by the company, the new film, named Autotex Steel, is manufactured using a conventional flexible polyester substrate which is coated with a ink adhesion layer on the underside or reverse. It has a specially developed tough hard coat outer layer, which is chemically bonded to the substrate.
Further, the hard coat layer has a textured finish. When the film is printed on the reverse with standard metallic or silver inks, it creates the appearance of a brushed stainless steel or other metallic panel looks.
This film has the ability to produce high quality keyboard or graphics panels at a far lower cost using standard screen processes. It can be embossed, making it ideal for use with domed tactile membrane keypads or in applications where keys or panel areas need to have raised edges. Embossed areas have a flex modulus, with a typical flex life for domed keys being in excess of 5 million actuations.
Graphics are normally reverse printed and protected from wear and abrasion by the body of the film substrate and the textured hard coat layer. This layer has also been formulated to resist a wide variety of common industrial solvents and cleaning fluids, including alcohols, ketones, weak acids and hydrocarbons.
Autotex Steel will not any reflect fingerprint and can be printed with clear display windows or contain secret-until-lit graphics. The film offers colour rendition and light transmission in clear areas. It is available in thicknesses of either 150 or 200 microns, with each being available for use with solvent or UV cured inks