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Dadar, Andheri and Thane printers now get exposed to the Cross Country Table Top Exhibition - CCTTE-
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 With successful tours to Aurangabad, Pune, Nasik, Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Morbi, Rajkot, Noida, Ludhiana and Jallandhar in CCTTE 1 to 4, it was the turn of 3 suburbs in Mumbai to get exposed to CCTTE-5.
With 15 locations now getting the flavour SPAI-FESPA’S CCTTExhibitions, out of the 62 locations it has planned around 28 states & 7 union territories across the country, not only are other locations showing interest to be included, but even those locations covered earlier, are now requesting for a full day program, with live demos on latest screen printing machines. This definitely is a compliment from the printers to the CCTTEs.
CCTTE-5 on 22 Dec’ 11, was held at Dadar, the central part of Mumbai, which attracted printers from the South & Central Mumbai. Two to three major dealers (Huned Rangwala, Colors and Allied Sale) of various screen printing products were able to get printers from South & Central Mumbai to visit the event.
Mr. Jayanti Bhai, President of the Mumbai Card Manufacturers’ & Dealers Association, along with other committee members, graced the event as the Chief Guest and visited all the exhibitors and keenly observed the latest products & technology displayed to understand more, with several queries at each table.
Apart from them there were also Committee Members of Screen Printers Association in Girgaum area, who were amazed at the kind of work that the machines can churn out, with improved quality, variety and faster output.
Two local Association members, though busy with their seasonal work on hand, ensured to visit the show. Having been in the manual screen printing business, they were all enthralled to see value addition that can be provided by them to their customers, enhancing their business.
They could not believe their eyes that screen printing can bring out such wonderful work of art and colours.
Both the groups have now demanded that a Full day workshop be organised, with live demos on machines in their area in the coming month, where they can get a large number of printers, who could not make it for this event.
Andheri, in the Western Suburb of Mumbai was the next stop, in CCTTE-5 on 23 Dec’ 11. Mr. Nityanand Shenoy, President & Managing Director of PRS Permacel Pvt. Ltd., did the honors as the Chief Guest. PRS Permacel offers customer-specific solutions in the chosen segments of Insulation, Identification, Aesthetic Enhancements, Brand Building and Protection, through its four Strategic Business units –Industrial, Railways, Automotive and Kavach – brand protection.
He was quite candid in his speech in sharing his thoughts with the exhibitors and visitors present, that though he knew about the presence of global associations such as FESPA in Europe and SGIA in USA, he was unaware about existence of any local associations, until he was invited to the event by SPAI and was happy to be here.
He felt that though companies like his, who were exposed to this kind of latest technology through global exposures and using them, SPAI was doing a good work in exposing the printers at large, who were not exposed to the same.
He believed that such initiatives and multi-pronged efforts would definitely help SPAI in getting bigger crowds at the opening of their future shows, just as the FESPA exhibitions do in Europe and SGIA in USA. He was hoping that SPAI would continue such work, to bring in more awareness about the industry and the reckoning it deserved.
Mr. Huned Rangwala, President of SPAI, while thanking Mr. Shenoy for sparing his valuable time to be present for the event and for his encouraging message, assured him that SPAI was not only engaging the majority of the printers in the lower part of the pyramid with the CCTTEs to take them up the pyramid, it was also planning to engage the top of the pyramid, for peer networking and involving them as industry experts to percolate the knowledge downwards.
Both these efforts could then drive the industry towards its goal, to get the desired reckoning.
Mr. Sanjay Vora, who had just handed over the SPAI President’s position to Mr. Huned Rangwala, went on to add that participation of more and more Printers actively with SPAI, would make things easier to bring awareness to the masses about the activities and developments in the industry.
Saati India and Screenways put in the efforts to get the printers around this area to visit the event at this venue.
The last venue of CCTTE-5 was Thane on 24 Dec’11 – the city centre for various North Eastern suburbs in Mumbai. Here, with the support of Kirti Agencies and IMPACT, a Printers’ Association in Thane.
Mr. Sameer Gupte, President of IMPACT – a local printer’s association and also owning Kirti Agencies, was instrumental in getting SPAI to organise event at Thane, as he was quite keen to see that all their members could see the value proposition that Screen Printing can provide, which they were not previously aware of.
Mr. Vilas Sangurdekar, President, Maharashtra Mudran Parishad – MMP, was invited as the Chief Guest of the event. MMP is a state-level apex body of printers’ associations of Maharashtra formed in 1949. Its primary responsibility is to co-ordinate, motivate, innovate, improve, expand and elevate the state of the graphic arts & print industry. Nearly 52 associations from the nook & corner of Maharashtra are affiliated to it.
Mr. Sangurdekar, associated for a long time with the Print Industry in Maharashtra, said he was very happy that a National Association like SPAI had arranged for such an eye opening event for the printers in Thane and its surrounding areas, for the first time. He was of the opinion that the Printers visiting the event would be able to take advantage of the exposure given by the participants with their products and their usage in implementation on various products.
He was willing to offer his associations’ support to SPAI to conduct similar CCTTEs at each of the 52 locations in Maharashtra, where their affiliated associations would be very happy to expose their members to such a wonderful educative event. Around 400 visitors were able to benefit from the shows in these three locations getting exposed to the different products and services between 6.00 to 9.00 pm, on 3 consecutive days.
Mr. Madhu Kumar Doshi, the founder member of SPAI facilitated Mr. Sameer Gupte, for his efforts and wonderful work, in supporting SPAI to make the Thane event such a memorable event.
The exhibitors (in alphabetic order) were AND Global, Colors-UV Inks, Eurotech, Grafica Flextronica, Gurbaksish Enterprises (Omega), Kirti Agencies, KMI Business Technologies, Photokina Chemicals, SAATI India Pvt. Ltd., ScreenTex, SignSmith, Universal Technologies and the SPAI-FESPA table. KMI displayed their Digital Printing Machine & Universal Technologies displayed their textile printing machine with live demos.
The earlier 4 CCTTEs had a couple of SPAI Board Members present at every event, were taking turns offering guidance to all the queries that the visitors had on the problems they faced from the SPAI table. Since the number of people with the queries was increasing as well as the level of questions, a separate Technical Desk was created, to cater to these queries, in CCTTE-5, which was well appreciated.
The next tour CCTTE-6 will be a Full Day event from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm on Thursday, 1 March 2012, at Khadilkar Road, Girgaum with live demos on the latest printing machines. For more information, contact Ms. Kala on 022-66939747 or email to
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