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Fusion of Digital & Screen process makes us successful Total Print Solution Providers: Cosmic MD
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 "A fusion of digital and screen process makes us successful Total Print Solution Providers", says Mr. P.K. Lamba, Managing Director of India’s Cosmic Advertisers Pvt Ltd. The company is a turnkey solution provider in advertising and display products. It has recently added more energy to execute orders with AccuSpeed.
Cosmic Advertisers, based in the state of Jharkhand, India, the FESPA-award winning print solution provider seems to have blessed with extra 'Cosmic' energy. Despite global economic slowdown (India included), recently the company added a high speed fire power to its arsenal to execute customers’ orders with AccuSpeed, a fully automatic flat bed screen printing machine from India’s Grafica Flextronica.
Cosmic's passion for screen printing process began in 2002 when it bought a 4' x 8' large format screen printing machine from Grafica. Since then there was no turning back. Fully convinced with the screen printing process, the company bought 4 semi automatic screen printing machines out of which one machine is of 40” x 60” size. Cosmic also acquired complete pre press set up. And now, it has added AccuSpeed.
The company offers Creative and Pre media services to its clients. It has the facility for Online Content Proofing and page Approval besides offering Translation Services. As an ‘Integrated Print Solution’ provider, it undertakes hoardings, frontlit/backlit signage, flex banner, cloth banner, sun board, sun pack, T-shirts, caps, wheel cover, PVC/FOAM banner, vinyl, flute sheets, metal board.
Once the jobs are printed, the company then presses its ‘Delivery and Distribution’ channel into service to fulfill the expectations of its customers. It makes delivery at customers’ doorstep besides having a Job Tracking system through email and phone (24 X 7).
Incorporated in 1985, Cosmic has full energy to undertake printing wide-format outdoor and indoor advertising materials including Point of Purchase (POPs - inshop/outshop display products) and Point of Sale (PoS) displays. Through a wide spectrum of activities in advertising and display space, it meets the requirements of clients who insist on a complete (turnkey solution) yet professional advertising solution in various states of India.
The company has a fleet of seven digital printing machines bought from international brands such as EFI Vutek (two wide format), Jeti (3324), Mutoh (Toucan), Roland (two eco solvent), Epson (inkjet 9800) and also Vinyl Cutter, Plotters.
Its list of prime clients: L.G. Electronics (I), Bajaj Auto, Bharati Airtel, PepsiCo India Holding, Dishnet Wireless, Reliance Communications, Gujarat Co-Operative Milk Mktg Federation, TATA Tele Services, NOKIA India, Idea Cellular, Samsung India Electronics, only to mention a few.
And Cosmic’s power to win national & international awards: 2007: Winner 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize in FESPA WORLD Screen Printing 2007: Winner 2nd & 3rd Prize in FESPA WORLD Digital Printing; 2006 : Winner 1st & 3rd Prize in All India Screen Printing 2005: Winner 1st & 2nd Prize in FESPA WORLD Digital Printing 2004: Winner 1st & 2nd Prize in All India Screen Printing 2002: Winner 3rd Prize in All India Screen Printing
In an interview with SPAI editor, Mr. Shripada Bhat, Cosmic Advertisers’ Managing Director Mr. Pravesh K. Lamba, who is also a committee member of SPAI (Screen Printers’ Association of India - FESPA’s associated member) shares his views on screen printing. Excerpts:
Despite current slow down, what is the rationale behind deploying a high end machine? Our customers want their job to be delivered fast hence we need to execute their orders with speed. Our 'Capacity Analysis' showed that, Cosmic should decrease the throughput time of jobs by enhancing efficiency. So, AccuSpeed is meant for higher print run since other machines are having lower speed.
We found this high end machine perfectly suiting our current production requirement. As per our knowledge, till today there is no machine available in the market which is capable of printing on rigid substrates such as sunpack and sunboard upto 5 mm thick. Now we are able to increase our production capacity. In turn we are able to satisfy our high end customers with prompt delivery and enhanced quantity. Having such high end machine increases customers’ confidence in our capabilities.
‘A good printer is no more a printer but he is a service provider’, this is what Mr. Michel Caza, FESPA Board member and past president told once. Your views on this:
He is absolutely right. It is our experience that customers always want nothing less than QUALITY and TIMELY delivery. As a total print solution provider in advertising and display space, we offer our services right from concept, design, proofing, printing and then installation at site (for e.g. inshop/outshop display material).
To serve our clients better, we have our own inhouse logistics system for faster delivery of finished jobs as we can’t rely on external courier agencies. Underline the word ‘service’ and that is what the customers expect from us in real sense. Our aim is to provide excellent products and services to our customers and take pride in doing it.
How do you justify the digital-screen combo in your business?
We do not print on paper; we always print on rigid substrates. It is our experience that digital is suitable for flex and vinyl substrates where as screen is suitable for rigid and semi rigid substrates like sunpack and sunboards. We use both the print process with a balancing act.
The ratio of Screen:Digital in our operations is: 50:50. But, last year the ratio was 65:35. Now you can understand our view on screen printing and digital. We use digital for small runs. A fusion of Digital and Screen process makes us a successful a total Print Solution Provider.
What is the crucial stage in screen printing? We should give top most importance to doing all the pre press preparations accurately in as much as we give top priority to printing. On the contrary, accuracy in pre press work is also important to achieve desired results in printing. So, printers should have good pre press set up.
Your views on screen printing in India: Screen printers have their own niche market but in the near future Digital Flat bed will replace Screen printing for Short run jobs due to low turnaround time and low order cycle time (OCT). Long run (high economy of scale) with low pricing can only be achieved in Screen printing. As mentioned by our MD, printers like us need to have a mix of Screen and Digital to serve the volatile market demand.