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Through this website, SPAI will carry out a monthly poll on various issues concerning screen, digital and offset (in relation to screen) printing. This is help all of us to know the trends in the these print processes. Here we go.

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In printing industry including screen printing, wastage is an issue which eats up a part of your profit. Do you think that printers should also focus on wastage reduction (of all kinds) in a big way?
 Yes, absolutely right. It will be an indirect savings too 
 44 %
 No. It is difficult to avoid wastage 
 11 %
 Yes, partly agree 
 22 %
 Yes, we need some trainining on this 
 22 %
With the advent of polyester fabric for use in screen making, do you still use nylon fabric or polyester or both
 Yes, only polyester 
 57 %
 Both as per job requirement 
 14 %
 No, only nylon 
 29 %
The Finance Minister has today announced his Budget 2009-10. How far it will help in the revival of the economy and thereby bring benefits to printing industry as well?
 Will definitely help 
 75 %
 Not sure 
 25 %
 No it will not help 
 0 %
 Will have a negative impact 
 0 %
Would it be worth while to recommend to include Screen & Digital prining curriculam in the Technical Training institutes, to have trained staff for the industry?
 62 %
 12 %
 Can Not Say 
 25 %